I initially started on this website because I simply love football. I love analysing stats, I love the speculation, the mind games and most of all I love the game. I am a web developer by trade and having worked on a wide range of sites for 'clients' in various fields I wanted to build a site which I could call my own - but also, more importantly, something I love and enjoy.

Football Fallout is the joining of my profession and passion (web design), and my love and enjoyment of the beautiful game. I wanted to just start throwing things together to see if I can create a genuinely useful and fun website, which I myself would find useful and enjoy visiting.

The long term plan is to have football based 'games' on the site, things such as score predictions, who will score first, first goal time in the premier league this weekend etc... but I realised to offer any realy indepth fun games I would first need to build a foundation for the games to run from...a foundation of stats and a comprehensive database.

I am nowhere near the games yet - and what you see on this site is very much a work in progress and I am having great fun doing it - seeing what stats I can gather and other fun things like pulling in latests tweets for ever premier league player who has a twitter etc.

...This story, and this site is very much just beginning. I have a list the size of Peter Crouch of things I plan to do and develop on this site, so I do hope you will follow it's development, maybe follow us on social media ( Follow FF on Twitter ) ( Follow FF on Facebook ) to keep upto date with the latest developments.

I am very much aware that things may not be consistent yet across the site and its very much like a construction site, but If you have any suggestions or would like to help & get involved in someway I am always happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at hello@footballfallout.com

Thanks for visiting,