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Find the gaps!

Tilting the odds in your favour with our innovative 'gaps' tool! You will never put an acca or bet on again without using this tool fist.

Unlike most sites we put the in your hands, you choose how many previous games to base stats on and chose which stats to check against and if you want to factor in home/away advantage.

What is a 'Gap'? - a gap helps identify fixture's where there is obvious 'contrast' against two teams - for example a team who's scored 10 goals vs a team who's scored 2 would have a 'gap' of 7. You chose the stats, the date range and more...increase your odds by checking in with this tool before any bets.

How far into the future to check upcoming fixtures...check next 4 days
How many previous games do you want to base this data on? ... based on the last 5 results