FPL Fixture Difficulty Planner

Some times it's good to see the 'big picture' when making those all important FPL transfers and planning for future moves etc. So we created the team planner below to add to your FPL toolkit.

Not only does it list all teams fixture difficulty ratings for all upcoming game weeks, you can define how many to check - and whats more it provides a 'total fixture difficulty' rating for however many upcoming games you want to check.

Your Fixture Planner

* Teams with a blank GW are automatically given +5 for fixture difficulty

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What is the FPL Fixture Planner?

The FPL planner was created by us so FPL Managers can see the fixture difficulty of teams upcoming fixtures - you can select the number of game weeks, and it will total up the overall fixture difficulty and rank the teams in order of overall fixture difficulty.

How is the FDR (Fixture Difficulty) calculated?

The FDR for each game is taken from the official Fantasy Football game rankings. The game difficulty is a range between 1 and 5 with 1 (marked in Green) being easiest and 5 (marked in red) the hardest.

On top of the official fixture difficulty ratings you can also click on a game preview for each fixture and get in depth stats, analysis and head 2 head stats for each game and teams.