FF£'s stands for FootballFallout Pounds. This is our virtual currency, don't get too excited it has no real life monetary value! However, FF£'s can be used to enter FREE PRIZE DRAWS ! The more FF£'s you earn/win, the more entries you can submit to our prize draws to increase your chances of winning!

How can I get more FF£'s

You can win more FF£'s by placing 'virtual bets' on upcoming fixtures. We currently offer correct score, or correct result virtual bets, but will be adding more soon. We will also be adding more fun interactive ways to increase your FootballFallout balance

You also get 200 FF£'s when you sign up

What can I do with my FF£'s

You can use your FF£'s to enter our FREE PRIZE DRAWS . Your FF£'s are also used to place your virtual bets, where you can win even more!

What if I use all my FF£'s

Accounts with less than £100 FF£'s will be topped up at the start of each month back upto 100 FF£'s



XP Points are earnt by using your football knowledge to correctly predict football results.

The XP Points are used for our Leader Boards - XP points indicate expertise and experience.... also don't forget those bragging rights.

What can I do with my XP Points

These are used for leaderboards and to identify members who know their football.

Can I lose XP Points?

You can't lose XP - these are only rewarded for successfully predicting results. However before you just bet on every game going without prior thought, we will use your XP to calculate success rar