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WIN: The Mixer: The Story of Premier League Tactics, from Route One to False Nines

An absolutely essential book for every modern football fan, about the development of Premier League tactics, published to coincide with 25 years of the competition.

Back in 1992, English football was stuck in the dark ages, emerging from a five-year ban from European competition. The game was physical, bruising and attritional, based on strength over speed, aggression over finesse. It was the era of the midfield general, reducers, big men up front and getting it in the mixer; 4-4-2 was the order of the day. Few teams experimented tactically.

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And then, almost overnight, it all changed. The creation of the Premier League coincided with one of the most seismic rule changes in football history: the abolition of the back-pass. Suddenly defenders had no-get-out-of-jail-free card, goalkeepers had to be able to field and play the ball and the pace of the game quickened immeasurably. Tactics evolved dramatically, helped by an increased foreign influence.

The Mixer is the first book to delve deep into the tactical story of the Premier League, and take a long view of how the game has developed over the last quarter century. From Ferguson’s directness to Keegan’s relentlessly attacking Newcastle outfit, to Mourinho’s cagey, reactive Chelsea, all the way to Ranieri’s counter-attacking champions, The Mixer is one of the most entertaining, rich and knowledgeable football books ever written.

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Starts: 12th May 2017, 10:05

Ends: 30th Nov 2017, 22:00

WIN: Win Smart Phone Projector

Now you can not only watch the big game on your phone - but you can now watch it on the big screen, all from the comfort of your home.

Transform your living room into a home made cinema with this projector which uses your smartphone, yes your smartphone, to project video's, movies, images or anything on your smartphone onto any flat surface!

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This compact projector can be easily collapsed and reassembled, so you can slip it into your backpack and take it over to a friends for a home made movie experience anywhere. It features a retro design which takes you back to the days before fancy DVD and Blu-Ray players - when watching a movie was a real spectacle rather than something to do on an empty Saturday afternoon. The way the box is designed means that the sound from your smartphone is amplified which gives you fantastic acoustics to accompany the projection. Additionally no batteries are required as the cardboard projector just uses the inbuilt lens to magnify the picture.

Even though phone screens may be getting bigger and bigger, they will still never be able to match the size of this impressive smartphone projector.

Points needed per entry: 140

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Starts: 11th Aug 2017, 10:40

Ends: 31st Dec 2017, 14:40

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