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Keeping track of player price changes in fantasy football is vital to success in your FPL campaign. That is why we created the FPL Price Change tracker so you never miss a price change again.

We have all the latest live price changes as well as all price changes since the season started.

We have all the latest live price changes as well as all price changes since the season started.Also, you can click the tabs below to see the most transferring in or out for the current upcoming game week. This helps predict price changes as lots of transfers in generally result in a price rise (or fall if lots of transfers out)

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Daily Price Changes

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What Are Price Changes?

Fantasy Football Price changes are what keep the game interesting all throughout the season. A players FPL transfer value may rise and fall each night, usually around 1.30 am in the morning (UTC Time). This means the overall value of your team can rise and fall potentially giving you greater leverage when it comes to transferring players in and out of your squad.

Why Do Players Rise and Fall in price?

A players price will rise or fall depending on the amount of managers transferring players in, or out of their team in a given game week - much like the stock market. This is why its important to keep an eye on people transferring players in/out especially if its players in your team or a player you want - as that 0.1 overnight price rise may result in you being unable to get him into your squad - so timing is everything.

Are all players eligible to increase or decrease in price?

Some players can become flagged and 'locked' in value - this happens when a player has been ruled out of game(s) and they will not rise or fall in price while they have this flag. Once the flag is removed their price will still remain locked for 3 days.

Do I bank the full player value if a player rises in value?

Unfortunately its not as straight forward as getting the full 'new' value of a player since you first purchased them. For every £0.2m price increase (since you've had them) you will make £0.1m when you sell. So for example if you bring in a player for £10m and his price rises to £10.2m - you will get £10.1 if you sell. If you buy at £10m and it rises to £10.1m and you sell, you would just get back £10m.

How can I predict FPL Price Change?

The 'real' formula for a price change is a tightly guarded secret that the Fantasy Football masters will not divulge. The threshold for the amount of transfers in/out to trigger a price change is not a fixed amount - factors such as ownership at the start of the game week play a factor and its different for each player. However there are various tools for predicting player price changes, such as this page where you can see total transfers in and out for each game week which is a great starting point.